Historic Offices in Center City
1221 Locust Street, Philadelphia

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We recently renovated and restored the Former Princeton Club of Philadelphia, which is individually listed on the elite National Register of Historic Places. 

It is located in the fastest growing part of Center City at 1221-23 Locust Street. The four story building has premium offices on floors 2, 3 and 4 and a first class California cuisine/ authentic Greek restaurant from Los Angeles below.

The Former Princeton Club - Restored to  Upscale Private Offices (Click to View More)

Many Original Princeton Club Details Remain Intact (Click to View More) 

The stunning details of the Former Princeton Club include slate roofing, multiple fireplaces with elaborate tile fireplace surrounds featuring Moravian tile and decorative and figural tiles, highly decorative cast iron firebacks, ornately carved hardwood mantels, moldings, archways, staircase balusters, gorgeous leaded glass windows and leaded glass skylights in various designs (including original Princeton Club emblems), hardwood and tile flooring (some Moravian), elaborate wainscoting, grand bay windows and light everywhere - from the 182 feet of window walls and multiple skylights in this corner property. The floors have been restored in heart pine.

The second floor of 1221 Locust Street encompasses 4,000 square feet (36 x 110) and consists of 9 magnificent offices with a grand, beautiful shared conference room, two bathrooms (one handicapped accessible) and kitchenette immediately outside the conference room and centrally located on the floor. No expense has been spared on the floor's historic renovation and restoration.  Ceilings are slightly higher on this floor as compared to the floors above and architectural features are slightly grander on this floor than on floors above as was typical of the era. All systems are state-of-the-art and seamlessly installed in this magnificent, historic building.

The Front Office on 2nd Floor (Click to View More)

The Front Office on 3rd Floor (Click to View More)

The third floor of 1221Locust Street encompasses 4,000 square feet (36 x 110) and is available exclusively as office space. It consists of 9 offices plus one large, lovely conference room, with a kitchenette outside the conference room and two bathrooms (one handicapped accessible, one powder room).

Systems are state-of-the-art and seamlessly installed. No expense has been spared in this quality restoration/renovation of a historic gem. This floor is elegant, but slightly cozier than the second floor's comparatively grand scale and features.

The fourth floor of 1221 Locust Street encompasses approximately 900 square feet and is available exclusively as office space.  It includes three offices and a large, skylit bathroom (including a shower for bicycle commuters among others). The floor features the magnificent Frank Furness-designed 7' x 15' lay light (stained glass skylight) that shines light down the remarkable Furness staircase connecting this floor to floors 2 and 3, below. Conference areas, additional bathrooms and kitchenettes are located immediately downstairs via the Furness staircase.

The Front Office on 4th Floor (Click to View More)

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